Fresh from our garden: What to do with a Whole Coconut

July 8, 2019Surfcamp, Tutorials

Healthy nutrition with fresh products is very important to us. Therefore it was clear from the start that we wanted to grow as many vegetables, herbs and fruits as possible at Taíba Surf & Yoga. Coconut water What thrives particularly well in Northeast Brazil are coconut palms. When you harvest the coconut unripe and green … Read More

A Moment With Michel…

October 19, 2018Surf, Surfcamp, Yoga

Taiba Surf and Yoga’s Head Surf Coach is a man with some serious local history. His life has revolved around the local seas of Fortaleza and Taiba since he was a young boy and he now provides our guests with a safe and informed platform to surf whether you are a beginner or already have … Read More

Sweet post surf yoga sequence

July 23, 2018Retreat, Surfcamp, Tips, Tutorials, Yoga

I have never been a patient learner. This is why I had almost given up on the idea of learning how to surf. ‘The water is too cold.’ ‘The waves are too high.’ ‘I’m just not feeling it today.’, all excuses I used profusely as my husband and friends tried to convince me to rent … Read More

The best way to make brazilian caipirinha

November 25, 2017Surfcamp, Tips, Tutorials

After a great day of surfing or kitesurfing, there’s nothing better than enjoying a drink on our wooden yoga deck at sunset. Come and join us for a drink! Caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail, made with cachaça (sugarcane liquor), sugar and fruits. Follow our step-by-step caipirinha recipe for a refreshing cocktail. We only use the best ingredients for our drinks – fresh fruits from our garden and our … Read More

Construction of the Surf Villa

September 1, 2017Construction, Surfcamp

by Stefanie Spring co-founder of Taíba Surf & Yoga As our Brazilian adventure continues, I would like to share some of the exciting progress that we have been making in the construction of the Taíba Surf & Yoga Camp. Watching the building work take shape in front of our eyes, and seeing the fruits of … Read More

Let’s Build A House

May 16, 2017Surfcamp

by Stefanie Spring co-founder of Taíba Surf & Yoga Sometimes it’s good to tackle things with an open mind, otherwise you might never attempt to tackle them at all… “Let’s build a house in Brazil” – sounds simple, right? But building a house in South America threw up a whole load of challenges that would … Read More

DREAM BIG – The story of Taíba Surf & Yoga

April 30, 2017Surfcamp

Back in 2008, when two young and enthusiastic surfing fanatics met by chance at the Swiss Surfing Championships in France, they could have never have imagined that 9 years later, they would be creating an alternative surf camp at the heart of Brazil… Andrea and Stefanie began their journey when the idea came to them … Read More