Holidays in the same place twice in a row? If you had asked me half a year ago, I probably would have answered that there are still so many new places left to visit before I would even consider returning to the same place! I try to be completely faithful to my commitment to new travel destinations, but it is already clear that my stay in Taiba in February will not be my last! Eu volto já!

1. Relax and enjoy
No need to think, no need to plan, and no need to bother organising anything – just relax: That was my plan for my trip to Brazil. Fortunately, Taíba Surf & Yoga offers the “no-worries package”, which includes a shuttle service from the airport, surfboard rental, and much more. The wonderful owners of Taíba Surf & Yoga have simply thought of everything. Just relax and decide whether you should treat yourself to a second (or even fifth) Caipirinha…

2. Boas ondas!
Even I, a newbie surfer who was overwhelmed by the sight of the breathtakingly beautiful beach and the waves in Taiba, had so much fun during my very first lesson! Surfcoach and co-owner of Taíba Surf and Yoga, Michel, has the unique gift to calm even the most nervous newcomer. “Com calma” – I was incredibly happy to see my progress despite my relatively short stay. To be honest, even if your not able to stand up the first day – what could be better than lying on the board in the clear, pleasantly warm water while enjoying the unique view of the coast from the sea?

3. Yoga: Recharge
The yoga classes with Stefanie were clearly one of my holiday highlights: She knows how to stretch the muscles that got stimulated and stressed by surfing with gentle yin yoga or to guide yoga beginners during a demanding vinyasa lesson. Last but not least, the uniquely beautiful yoga deck in the middle of the tropical garden helps to create a uniquely beautiful atmosphere.

4. The best of two worlds
Freshly squeezed passionfruit juice with lemongrass and perfect, italian-style coffee, melon-sized avocados and freshly baked wholewheat bread. Swordfish grilled over coconut fire and healthy homemade Swiss muesli.

Michel, who is originally from Fortaleza, and his Swiss wife Stefanie not only bring together the best of both worlds in terms of food. They have also managed to get the most out of local products and at the same time integrate some Swiss specialities into the menu.

For me, as a self-confessed “foodie”, fresh, locally produced food is a decisive factor – I have rarely had such amazing food as at Taíba Surf & Yoga!

5. People
Admittedly, if you arrive in Fortaleza in the beginning of February, coming from foggy Central Europe, you can’t help it: You’ll be squinting happily in the sun. But it’s not just the sun, the picturesque beaches or the caipi in your hand that makes you grin: First and foremost it’s the people. So much optimism, joie de vivre, and warm and welcoming attitude are simply contagious!

6. Farofa
Farofa, which by the way translates to „roasted manioc flour“, is the real hostess of the surf camp. With her charm she wraps the worst dog skeptic (like me) around her little finger.

7. Environment
Endless beaches, turquoise sea, and green palm trees. This is probably why most tourists come to Ceará. The capital Fortaleza and the surrounding area are worth a visit as well. Especially when your muscles are too sore with surfing, a day trip to Fortaleza is worthwhile. Only 2 hours away by car and you have left behind Taiba’s quiet village vibe: Fortaleza’s skyline impresses from afar. In the center we were pleasantly surprised by the hidden colonial buildings and the excellent gastronomical offer. From typical Churrasco brasileiro to a vegan café: Everyone will find something to their liking.

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