Meet The Team

3 unique individuals from 3 different backgrounds connected through their love of surf.

Andrea Rodrigues

Andrea is one of the two founders of Taíba Surf & Yoga. In search of eternal summer, Andrea found her way from Switzerland to Brazil early on. An internship at the age of 19 took her to Fortaleza. Since then, she has made north-eastern Brazil her home. As a self-employed polygraph and web designer, she makes sure she has plenty of spare time to pursue her passion for surfing.

Stefanie Spring

Together with Andrea, Stefanie is a founder of Taíba Surf & Yoga. Growing up in the Swiss Alps meant that she was skiing from the age of 3, and this has made up an important part of her life ever since. In addition to her fascination with the mountains, she also found a love for surfing and the sea at an early age. Her obsession with surfing has taken her to live in Mexico, Venezuela and the Canary Islands. As a trained linguist, she has been working most recently as a high school teacher in Switzerland.

Michel Roque de Sousa

Our Head Surfcoach Michel Roque grew up locally in Fortaleza. At the tender age of 11, he started surfing competitively and has been touring the World Qualifying Series Tour from the age of 18. As one of the most well known figures on the Brazilian surfing scene, he knows practically every great surf spot in Brazil! He is more than happy to share his wealth of knowledge with our guests.